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I wasn’t joking when I said that this happens to me all the time. This morning I woke up with “You Can’t Say” by White Denim stuck in my head. This is admittedly one of my favorite songs, but I haven’t listened to it for a few weeks.

I’m really not surprised to find this track spinning on the record of my subconscious, though, seeing as there has been a silence between me and someone in my life that’s gone on a little too long–and I’m still not really sure why.

I’ve noticed you
Haven’t said much
I’ve noticed you
Haven’t got time

I don’t know
If I’ve done something wrong
Cuz you can’t say
You can’t say

If it’s your occupation
If it’s your family
Is it our situation?
Or darling is it me?

I don’t know
If I’ve done something wrong
Cuz you can’t say
You can’t say

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This is has been happening to me for a long time now. I used to tweet about it, but I have decided that waking up almost every day of my life with one part of a song stuck in my head (that I sometimes haven’t heard for years) deserves a little bit more than a tweet.

I like to think that these songs are part of a soundtrack that played during a dream I had.

From now on I’m going to document them. I don’t think I’ll say much along with it, unless I can remember the corresponding dream, but I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

So, here’s the first-ever edition of Songs Stuck In My Head When I Wake Up, featuring Robyn, with “Stars-4-Ever.”

I can be right there next to you
No matter where in the world you are
I got you right here next to me
Forever connected through the stars

It’s what we are…

You and me together –
Stars forever

“Stars 4-Ever” – Robyn

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M O M J E A N Z – They used to be lame, now they’re rad.

AND THEY’RE EVERYWHERE because trendy twenty-somethings and the tweens longing to be those older kids are turning mom jeans into adorbs high-waisted cutoffs, and I’m totally into it.

I crept over to SAZZ VINTAGE in Old City to see what mama-butt makers they had to offer, and I was in for a serious candy-striped treat. After browsing the $25 t-shirt rack (all of which were 100% cotton DREAMZ) I traipsed into the pants section. Their mom jean selection was on point, but something better screamed JJJJACCCKKKIIIEEE, and it…it…it ’twas…..



(NOT SOAP POISONING, BUT ->) THESE UNREAL VINTAGE B.U.M. BRAND SHORTIES FOR $38. #IDIE (PS talk about faded glory – look at dat ass logo).

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(Oh little girl pick up the pieces)
Whoa you’ll come around
(Oh little girl pick up the pieces)
It all will turn around
(Oh little girl pick up the pieces)
You learn to live without me


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Nylon Magazine – March 2013 Issue


“Factory Girl Pink.” – Dani Stahl

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I’m seeing a movie alone in a theater for the first time ever, and it’s during the day on a Thursday. Yes, I came to see it alone, but I expected there to be at least one other soul there with me. Right now it’s only me. I swear someone was following me in here, but when he got to the ticket booth, he only asked for directions to the train station. Is it bad if I kind of wish he were here now?

Suddenly a piano is playing down the hall and I don’t feel so alone. My vision of this possible creep sitting two rows ahead and to the right dissolves in front of my eyes. Have a creep here with me? What was I thinking?

The theater is small and gray. To the dust in the corners of the ceiling, my neon floral shirt must stick out like a sore thumb. I’m wondering how many film students, divorced men, and girls who’ve just quit their jobs this room has seen on a high-traffic weekday.

The wind whirs through the roof and the screen turns on. An elderly couple walks in.

“Which one do you want?” the man asks, as if choosing a seat in the theater was like choosing which cake they’d had at their wedding 50 years ago.

In 15 minutes, I’ve experienced more than I have in 3 years.

This is the life of a dreamer, of minds who see life as a movie.

[FEATURE] It's This Secret World of Frances Ha

[FEATURE] It's This Secret World of Frances Ha

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I’ve quit my job with aboslutely no plan for the future. Here’s why:

Right after getting my BA in writing arts I hit the road for grad school where I earned a MA in publications design. While I was still in grad school I got an amazing internship at an amazing ad agency. I’ll never forget the day I sent them my crazy email, subject line: If I don’t Intern For You I Might Die.

Almost three years later, I’ve experienced some incredible things, and have gotten the chance to go places most wouldn’t – for all of these things I am forever grateful to my colleagues and clients.

After staring at the sky for hours in Rittenhouse Square, and drunken chats with strangers on the benches of Frankford Hall, I’ve decided if I continue this career I’ve created for myself, I won’t be able to do everything I’ve ever wanted, and when I’m 87 and look back on my life, I need to have no regrets. So, in true MOXIEGUMPTION style, I’ve decided to take a ginormous risk and leave the advertising world to take some road trips and fall in love with whatever I want before I don’t have the chance.


So, what am I gonna do now?

I’m gonna find what makes me happy and do that.

Could be any of the following:

  • work at a magazine
  • be a barista for a minute to meet a hawt coffee-drinking stud
  • roadtrips
  • move to london
  • work at NastyGal
  • make collages like nobody’s bidness
  • see a lot of live shows
  • write a screenplay
  • take my little sisters to the pool
  • go on tour with a band
  • hike a mountain
  • open an etsy store

  • take a screenwriting class

  • learn about SEO

  • interview shadowscene, & Leila Baboi

  • work on a music video shoot

  • work on a magazine photoshoot

  • design a window display

  • read tons of books

I’ve always believed in being myself, never settling, and living life to the fullest. Back in May I took a Blogshop class to slap my creative self in the face. It was utterly inspiring to see Bri Emery (who is clearly a unique soul) work her style into something people want for themselves. She recently wrote a blog post about being age 27 – and I can’t wait to see where I am a year from now, but until then, I’ve got a little something to say to Bri Emery:


xoxoxoxo 4——->

The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.”
– Steve Jobs

The greatest risk is risking nothing at all
– Leo Buscaglia

to be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human can fight and never stop fighting.
– e.e. cummings



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I <3 Washed Out‘s new jam + lyric video for “Don’t Give Up.” YouTube user trentEA tells the world (via video comment) what this song does to a person:

For a minute you remembered your ex but then you was like forget iiiiit!!!!

Ya, basically.

“Don’t Give Up” also inspired me to put a lil collage of stuff together (after the jump) based on single lines from the lyrics. All these photos are from WeHeartIt – I fucking love that website, she’s a beaut. Here goes:


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I didn’t really think summer was breakup season. As a single person, summer usually brings couples everywhere I fucking go. Whether it’s laying on each other in the park, sipping coffees outside the cafe, taking shots in the sweaty bars, blah blah blah. It’s a time when people fall in love because the weather’s nice, decide to get in my way while smooching on the sidewalk, and become the object of my evil eye roll. So, when I saw this absolutely amazing moment, I couldn’t help but save it. Here we have THE STUFF OF A BREAKUP (now’s where you press play on Icona Pop’s “I Love It” which is a little overplayed for me, but a seemingly perfect soundtrack for random underwear and a lampshade laying on the side of a city street).


1. The strange, pale brown slop on the apartment building wall, could be puke from a stumbly twenty-something the night before, or the latte that he threw at her when she left. 2. City graffiti. Probably has nothing to do with this actual situation, but let’s think about how someone graffiti’d this wall on purpose, knowing that many people would see it, meaning that it exists somewhere where there are a lot of people, meaning further that there may be witnesses to the end. 3. The lampshade. The thing that softened the lightbulb on a table next to their bed. It isn’t a very interesting lampshade so I don’t think she was around a lot, and he probably spent more time playing video games than trying to make the place look nice. 4. The napkin basket. To me, this particular napkin basket shows that they shared a lot of quick meals at a table together, probably takeout. 5. There’s a book under here that might be difficult for you to see. Its title is half-covered by two different trash bags, partly covered by a shoe, and laying under a small photo that’s printed on a much larger piece of paper (which I can’t wait to tell you about – skip to #11 if you can’t wait). Anyway, this is the part of the book title you can read “???HE MO?T ???EANINGLES? TOA??” Anybody know what that is? 6. The dish towel that had never been used. Again, I say, takeout. 7. One of the two olive green TOMS shoes laying in the rubble of broken picket fence dreams, lies, and bad sex – probably hers because they’re too small to be his, but I think he bought them for her and she threw them in his face. 8. THE BOXES OF ARTICHOKE HEARTS. Lawd, do these make me LOL. Why are there so many? Two are visible, but a third is half visible leaving a strange trail of BOXES OF ARTICHOKE HEARTS. WHY!!! I’m still trying to figure it out, but I like to imagine that all of this was thrown out of a window and after he and she went down to fight over whose shit was whose, screamed and yelled, broke up and walked away, a neighbor above contributed to the mess by discarding his box of artichoke hearts (used to make a dip for a party, obvi) into the pile. 9. The plastic spoon and the Q-tip. I’d rather not think about the Q-Tip, so the lonely plastic spoon must have been thrown over the shoulder of a fro-yo eating innocent bystander caught in the struggle. 10. The Mucinex has to mean that either he or she were sick a lot. I’d like to assume it was the guy. I think he probably had allergies and was too poor/lazy to get the real stuff. 11. Ah yes, the small photo that’s printed on a much larger piece of paper. This could only be THE reason they broke up. Clearly she found something that proved he was a total idiot, showed it to him, and that was that. 12. The strange brush that was meant to clean something that never did. At some point she probably told him to get off his lazy ass and clean the house. He probably said he would as he hit some sort of combination of A+X and then, never cleaned the house. 13. The “I Voted Today” sticker only tells me that one of them voted and the other didn’t, that they never dusted the picture frame, and that the voter was in a hurry to stick the damn thing somewhere (probably the nearest object). 14. The picture frame itself is difficult because there is no glass in it. Was I wrong about the small photo that’s printed on a much larger piece of paper? Was that what lived in the picture frame as a symbol of their future dreams together which wasn’t covered by glass to it could be changed on the reg? No. The small photo that’s printed on a much larger piece of paper HAS to be the reason they broke up (please?). 15. One of three pairs of women’s underwear strewn about the scene. Either she threw them in his face because they weren’t hers and she found them in his secret drawer, or he threw them at her and said good luck fucking anyone again.

What do you think?


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Nylon – April 2013 Issue


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