Last night I did what I never do. I added a movie to my Netflix queue and then instantly decided to watch it. Usually these movies sit in my queue for months before I get around to watching them. Between going to beer gardens, buying new lipstick, work, reading books, kissing strangers, etc., I just can’t always find the time.

I was browsing through Netflix, completely unsure of what I was in the mood for. I came across the Little Birds cover which I’ve scrolled past before. Once, I even read the logline:

When Lily and Alison meet three street kids and follow them to Los Angeles, they learn just how far they’re willing to go to find their freedom.

This felt pretty right for laying in my bed on a rainy night, with the lights turned low. So I dove in.

The photography was absolutely genius; dark enough to make you feel the despair of a girl with nothing left, yet contrasted with neon fuzzy vests and shoelaces to embody the hope we all have for teens who may not see it for themselves. The casting was perfect, with Juno Temple as the crazy girl who’d never escape & Kay Panabaker-the best friend you thought could escape, but inevitably couldn’t. I found myself missing my bad boy crushes in high school, wishing I hung out at more punk shows, and that I’d ran away while I still could, just for a little while.

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4. Pretty Dope Tumblr / 5. Little Birds Movie Official Site

So I went to bed feeling both extremely lucky, but also a little bored by life. When I got dressed today, I had Little Birds on the mind, and this is what happened:


I turned myself into a freaking floral runaway. If you’re gonna runaway, you might as well look good doing it. I wore layers to help me adjust to the hot and cold temps, boots so my feet wouldn’t get dirty in sandals (also provide more support), and brought two bags with the essentials. One is a Free People shopping bag. I love this thing because it’s so incredibly lightweight, features a super cute pattern, and fits loads of stuff. When I’ve eaten all the snacks inside, I’ll tie it around the handle of my other bag as shown below (also works while food-shopping, not just running away).

[FEATURE] Floral Runaways

Not sure where I’m running to, I just gotta go.

…one you know, there ain’t no coming back.

Peace, bitches.


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1. MAC Lipstick: Rebel / 2. ASOS Jeepers Peepers Round Sunglasses / 3. Forever 21 Cat Tee (sold out) / 4. Zazzle Phone Case (inspired by my old skirt from Target) 5. Urban Outfitters Ecote Leather Huarache Sandal

[WEAR IT] 1e1ab0ccc88411e2b8a622000a1fbdb1_7


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There’s been so many times I thought I had the best weekend of my life. Then, a few months later, a magical 2-day life fest happens, replacing my old best weekend ever with a brand new one. I can honestly say though, at the start of this month I truly had the best weekend of my life and can’t imagine anything ever taking its place. Until that happens, if ever, I am smiling because it happened, and refuse to let myself be sad that it’s over.

These are the moments we live for; kissing your dream guy in public, dancing to your favorite songs with no cares, walking around the same old spots with a brand new perspective. These moments, no matter how short, are sometimes only meant to be what they were and nothing else. Sometimes they are memories we look back on and laugh at while pushing a cart through a supermarket while everyone thinks you’re crazy. Sometimes they are left open-ended, but every time, they are the moments that make up the best scenes in the movies of our lives.


Whatever happens to you / Whatever happens to me / I hope that I’ll fall asleep / Knowing that you’ll always be /
The story with no ending.

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There was actually a time in my life when I swore I would never wear lipstick. I thought it was for grandmothers only. Then it started coming in neon purple and I changed my mind.

I have to say these bright little lip soldiers look mighty cute on the window sill in spring. See how I pair ’em up with stuff below.

Lipstick Obsession

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