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Last night I did what I never do. I added a movie to my Netflix queue and then instantly decided to watch it. Usually these movies sit in my queue for months before I get around to watching them. Between going to beer gardens, buying new lipstick, work, reading books, kissing strangers, etc., I just can’t always find the time.

I was browsing through Netflix, completely unsure of what I was in the mood for. I came across the Little Birds cover which I’ve scrolled past before. Once, I even read the logline:

When Lily and Alison meet three street kids and follow them to Los Angeles, they learn just how far they’re willing to go to find their freedom.

This felt pretty right for laying in my bed on a rainy night, with the lights turned low. So I dove in.

The photography was absolutely genius; dark enough to make you feel the despair of a girl with nothing left, yet contrasted with neon fuzzy vests and shoelaces to embody the hope we all have for teens who may not see it for themselves. The casting was perfect, with Juno Temple as the crazy girl who’d never escape & Kay Panabaker-the best friend you thought could escape, but inevitably couldn’t. I found myself missing my bad boy crushes in high school, wishing I hung out at more punk shows, and that I’d ran away while I still could, just for a little while.

1. Little Birds Movie Facebook Page / 2. Buzzine Film Interview / 3. Little Birds Movie Official Site /
4. Pretty Dope Tumblr / 5. Little Birds Movie Official Site

So I went to bed feeling both extremely lucky, but also a little bored by life. When I got dressed today, I had Little Birds on the mind, and this is what happened:


I turned myself into a freaking floral runaway. If you’re gonna runaway, you might as well look good doing it. I wore layers to help me adjust to the hot and cold temps, boots so my feet wouldn’t get dirty in sandals (also provide more support), and brought two bags with the essentials. One is a Free People shopping bag. I love this thing because it’s so incredibly lightweight, features a super cute pattern, and fits loads of stuff. When I’ve eaten all the snacks inside, I’ll tie it around the handle of my other bag as shown below (also works while food-shopping, not just running away).

[FEATURE] Floral Runaways

Not sure where I’m running to, I just gotta go.

…one you know, there ain’t no coming back.

Peace, bitches.


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I just spent the entire weekend with my idol, Bri Emery, in a beautiful space in Philly with a bunch of ladies who want everything that I want.

I remember the first time I literally StumbledUpon Bri Emery‘s blog of gold, D E S I G N L O V E F E S T. It was my first year of grad school (2009) and I was in the computer lab trying to find inspiration for last night’s project. I usually browsed blogs every day for inspiration, but on this day, I came across a mecca of color, fun, originality and style. Since that day, I’ve been following Bri’s journey from good designer to successful brand.

Once she teamed up with her photographer BFF Angela Kohler of angela+ithyle to put on Blogshops all over the world, that was it. I stalked the site in hopes to find a Philly date where I could meet my idol and learn everything there is to learn about blogging. Finally, the day came. I screamed in my office and instantly purchased my spot. After counting down for a few months, I woke up on a Saturday and it was time to cab it to Kensington. I arrived a few minutes late, got lost in the building and freaked out, worried I’d be the last one there, that the class would start without me, that Bri would think I was some kind of psychopath. When I got to the door, I stopped, took a deep breath – preparing myself to have my life changed. Then, I opened the door:

#BlogshopPhilly Angela taking blogshop student headshots under the gorgeous hanging poufs by BHLDN.

#BlogshopPhilly My desk area with ampersand design studio and bkr gifts from Bri!

#BlogshopPhilly #blogshopphilly selfie for you all.

#BlogshopPhilly More gifts from the blogshop crew – pretty strips bandages and a branch+cotton notepad. I absolutely loved that moment when I instagrammed this notebook and branch+cotton tagged me with #branchandcottongirl

#BlogshopPhilly All our gifts (like these cute floral paper straws) from Bri & Angela came in this wonderful champagne maptote.

#BlogshopPhilly My very own blogshop branded jump drive!

Whoever is here reading this, I can’t wait for you to follow me on my journey from okay blog, to inspirational blog. I can’t wait to start putting my #blogshopphilly skills to use. The first order of business is taking better photos – stay tuned.

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When it comes to instagram, I think there are 2 kinds of users, I’m going to call them Theme Twerkers and Non-Theme Twerkers

These are the instagram users whose images as a whole convey a certain aesthetic via tone, theme, and voice whether they realize it or not. They use an internal style guideline (again whether they realize it or not) which helps their brain decide what to take a picture of, how to crop it and what filters to use. It’s the inner art director in all of us working hard to paint the picture we want to portray. The great thing about THEME TWERKERS is that we all strive for the same thing; consistency. As with any creative output, we can be inspired by each other, and work hard at recreating themes that inspire us, but we’ll never create the same art as anyone else. Instagram is based on your surroundings – and no one else’s, around what you think is a good photo – and not what someone else thinks. From creative process to materials and subjects, each of our themes is individual. It’s what you do with what you got that counts.

These are the people who’s instagram accounts have absolutely no theme, and who’s pictures basically look like what would happen if a drunk baby had a camera.


I know I am utterly ridiculous when it comes to instagram, A THEME TWERKER WHO BE GETTIN’ REALLY REALLY LOW. My friends relentlessly make fun of my process and the fact that I even have a process (if you’re curious about that, tweet me, otherwise I won’t waste your time ;)), but if you’re a THEME TWERKER like me, then you might understand (eeeek).

A lot of people decide not to have an instagram because they think there’s nothing to take pictures of. To those people I channel my inner Ferris Bueller when I say

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

One could argue the fact that I’m missing life while I’m taking so long to instagram it, but at least I saw something worth the effort.  I love taking pictures of stuff (outfit photos aside) – of things just as they are – moments people may other wise walk all over. Somebody’s gotta save those moments and I wanna be that girl.

The most awkward part of instagram is when someone is switcihing between types of images – I am probably going to be going through this soon, so stick around to see what happens.







  • TEXT OVER IMAGES: I would love to use text over images, but I have never done that, so I’m torn on whether or not I should start now
  • RECTANGULARLY CROPPED PHOTOS: I completely just made up a word. I can’t say I like the fact that instagram’s images are square. Sometimes it’s super annoying, but since that’s the format, I don’t like to mess with it. Although I think YeahRentals does a really good job of mixing squares and rectangles
  • B&W: I hardly ever use black and white, I just don’t prefer it. When I do use it, I don’t use it again for a long time
  • FOOD: I don’t post food just because it’s there. I save food pics for really cool food
  • PICSTITCH: Picstitch has been a really good way for me to get around the instagram square situation when I’d rather use an rectangle
  • BORDERS: I really dislike borders. The only time I’ll use them is when I use PicStitch, and actually I use PicJointer
  • OTHER PEOPLE’S ART: I don’t like instagramming other people’s art. There are some exceptions, like if it’s in a magazine, on a billboard, or painted on a building. If I see a cool poster, or painting hanging in someone’s apartment, I won’t instagram it

So now you know I’m a really big nerd, and I’ll see you all at Barcade.

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There was actually a time in my life when I swore I would never wear lipstick. I thought it was for grandmothers only. Then it started coming in neon purple and I changed my mind.

I have to say these bright little lip soldiers look mighty cute on the window sill in spring. See how I pair ’em up with stuff below.

Lipstick Obsession

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I recently got back from a trip to visit my friend Joe’s Daily in Los Angeles. It was amazing, but a lot colder than I expected. We did everything from visiting LACMA (Stanley Kubrick + Caravaggio) to eating out for almost every meal. When we were driving down the Pacific Coast Highway, I got a really insane craving for those Mexican fruit cart treats (I had one in Venice on my last trip to Cali). We didn’t stop, but I did find an amazing recipe for it (via Cuisinerd) that I can’t wait to make.

Some of my favorite memories are below <3.

[Remembered Through My Instagram]

Cruising down the Pacific Coast Highway

Beverly HIlls sign, obvi. I looked hard for a RHoBH — no dice.

The gorgeous kiosk! So many feels.

. As if I don’t go there enough in Philly.

[Our “Would You Rather” YouTube Video]

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